CHRIO - Canadian Human Rights International Organization
CHRIO - Canadian Human Rights International Organization


The mission of CHRIO is to defend and fight for fundamental rights such as life, dignity, liberty, security and gender equality. Our
organization helps fight against all forms of discrimination such as race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, physical and mental disabilities in
accordance to the (UDHR) Universal Declaration of Human Rights set forth by the United Nations.

CHRIO recognizes and upholds the human right laws enacted by the municipal, provincial and federal levels of government.

We are committed to assisting Canadian citizens, residents, immigrants, and those who live abroad with a variety of services that include settlement, family counselling, employment training, translation and interpretation, artistic training, and volunteer opportunities.

CHRIO helps immigrants with their adaptation to Canadian culture by offering information and services into the new society and public life. Our purpose is to make newcomers transition into a helpful, positive and oriented experience.

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