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CHRIO Condemns Human Rights Violations by Extremists Who Do Not Respect the Lives of Innocent Tourists

Posted on Monday, March 23, 2015

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20 foreign tourists were among the victims. Two of the dead were of Colombian origin, as they were on a celebratory trip to the African country.CHRIO

The barbaric acts carried out by the Islamic State Militant Organization ISIS are now targeting groups that have nothing to do with the United States-led military coalition war against terrorism.

On Wednesday, March 18, ISIS jihadists in Syria, Iraq and Libya attacked the Bardo Museum in Tunisia killing 21 tourists who were on tour in this cultural institution.

Prior to the attack, the extremists had released an audio tape on their websites with threats against the museum.

After committing these attacks, the jihadists issued a statement describing the attack as "blessed invasion of one of the dens of infidels and vice in Muslim Tunisia".

The attackers were praised by those who read the statement in the audio recording posted online that described their action saying "two knights from the Islamic State… heavily armed with automatic weapons and grenades targeted the Bardo Museum" and "managed to besiege a group of cross country nationals", in a clear reference to the tourists.

They also stated in a threatening tone that "what you have seen is only the start". That people in the world "will enjoy neither security nor peace".

20 foreign tourists were among the victims. Two of the dead were of Colombian origin, as they were on a celebratory trip to the African country.

Miryam Martínez and her 29 year old son Javier Arturo Camello, who just finished a master's degree in Spain, were killed in the terrorist attack.

The Canadian Human Rights International Organization (CHRIO) deplores the death of innocent victims and condemns the brutal methods used by jihadists to take revenge, because of the military coalition led by the United States seeking to eradicate extremists concentrated in the Middle East and the North Africa, known as "The Levant".

At the same time, CHRIO joins the concerns of the President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos, who expressed solidarity with the Colombian victims killed in the attack, promising the Foreign Ministry will repatriate their remains.

CHRIO also joined the voices of condemnation of civilized nations, who long to live in a climate of peace and security of international order.


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