CHRIO - Canadian Human Rights International Organization
CHRIO - Canadian Human Rights International Organization


The Canadian Human Rights International Organization, CHRIO, is a non-profit organisation working in the field of human right issues founded in 2003 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and was born out of necessity to support hundreds of victims of armed conflict, in support of refugees, displaced persons, and their relatives that were unable to leave their countries of origin.

The serious situation of violation of human rights made professionals, from different disciplines that arrived to Canada as refugees and as victims of intolerance, persecution, victims of arbitrary detentions, forced disappearances and their decimated families, get together to work for the benefit of social sectors in a state of need and vulnerability.

CHRIO Promotes Positive Race Relations and encouraged others to become actively involved in the elimination of racism and prejudice in our communities and  promotes “Positive Race Relations” and encouraged others to become actively involved in the elimination of racism and prejudice in our communities .CHRIO promotes work to all races.

CHRIO whose stated mission is "to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in need.

 CHRIO protects people at risk: victims of the human rights violations as victims of crimes against humanity, human rights defenders who are persecuted for defending the rights of others.

The international work of CHRIO has strengthened, supporting the developed activity for the Human Rights First, the Collective Human Rights Defenders “Laura Acosta” International Organization COHURIDELA, Casa de las Americas, Rincon Del Inmigrante CARI, American Civilian liberties Union, Canadian Civil Liberties Association, Foundation Nidya Garzon, Foundation Amarme Foundation Humanizando, United Nations, Foundation Mujeres de Exito, No one is Ilegal in others.

The human rights promotion is an issue, difficult to assimilate by the structures, in the benefit of what the essential is.  The crucial point is the human life protection but the quality of life that the human life merits.

Refugees and Immigrants, even after suffering negative contingencies conquered after leaving their own places of origin, where they experienced human rights violations, they keep on suffering in the protective countries, the effects of new abuses of discrimination, marginalization, hate, prejudice, etc., and all luck of implicit violation or not to the human rights.

The best concept for CHRIO regarding to a healthy creation of leadership, is inclusion and cooperation.

Since CHRIO’s perspective, the organization recruits members who has been victims of human rights of violation in the past; taking in consideration their experiences, knowledge and commitment towards the implementation of human right.

In this way, CHRIO believes on the construction of strong and healthy community bridges, between a community organization and the most diverse communities locally or around the world. Rather to say, those communities interacting, but a head with a strong community organization promoting a healthy leadership generated into the same local communities.

CHRIO works in around the world and the majority of its members and workers are voluntary.

CHRIO founders have been awarded recognition from various organisations working in the field of human rights issues as of the top 25 immigrants, Constance E. Hamilton Award on the Status of Women, Volunteer Awards, Leading women Award, Queen Elizabeth Medal, Share the Light Awards - Category Welcoming Communities Award, New Pioneers in others.

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