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CHRIO - Canadian Human Rights International Organization

Human Rights Program

Human_Rights_Program2The Human Rights Program of the Canadian Human Rights International Organization CHRIO has as its mission the promotion, defence, respect and the preservation of human rights in fulfillment of that indicated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Charter, the conventions, treaties, protocols, constitutions, human rights code and acts related to the protection and restitution of those whose rights have been violated.

At the Federal level we have:  Canadian Human Rights Act, provincial or territorial human rights legislation y municipal decrees.

We coordinate and promote the defence of human rights at the international, provincial, territorial, and municipal levels, offering advice to, and support for, the victims of violations that require the support and protection of the corresponding authorities and doing follow-up on the complaints raised by the victims and giving early warning when there is knowledge of violations.  

We serve as a go-between between public institutions, human rights groups, social civil organizations, and international organizations, with the purpose of generating policies which generate unconditional respect for human rights at all levels, with the application of the principle of non-discrimination, equity, gender equality, and social participation.

The Human Rights Program of CHRIO in addition to promoting and protecting human rights, implements reports on the abuse of human rights, such as genocide, forced displacement, persecution, political prisoners and to elaborate memorandums and independent case analysis’ on violations. CHRIO also produces public and academic reports having to do with the defence of human rights and democracy in every region.

The Human Rights Program of CHRIO seeks to inspire others to become involved in activities that have to do with education, promotion, and defence and to propose initiatives of programs that tend to preserve and guarantee the full protection of human rights as well as preventing and detaining such abuses.  
We promote through this program the awareness on the part of every citizen their rights and their fulfillment of their responsibilities/ obligations/ duties and at the manner of demanding them and fulfilling them so as to create a culture of respect, promotion, the guarantee of, and the protection of human rights by means of workshops and seminars. 

CHRIO coordinates actions with public and private organizations, at the international, national, provincial, and municipal levels, to the end of implementing studies, investigations, and/or products related to the equality of opportunities that do not discriminate. 

The CHRIO Human Rights Program is composed of the following areas: Protection and refuge dedicated to the orientation and direct knowledge of cases of violations; Human rights for women, directed towards the protection and promotion of the rights of woman; a program for the human rights of youths and children directed to the promotion and protection of their rights and the involvement of the same in these activities so as to prevent their involvement in youth gangs , juvenile crime, drug addiction and prostitution. 

CHRIO in its program of human rights does not take on clients nor represents them before the courts. It offers advice and orientation and community legal clinics.

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