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Mental Health Program



This program is concerned principally with the need for help that those people have who have been the victims of the violation of their human rights may have; be it as a result of torture, persecution, or some other form of physical or psychological abuse. These experiences may have caused disorders of their psycho-socio system which in turn impedes their effective and harmonic integration into their environment, society, and/ or family.

We believe that mental health is a state of wellbeing in which an individual is conscious of his/ her own potential, is capable of dealing with the normal tensions of life, can work in a productive and fruitful manner, and is able to contribute positively to the community.


CHRIO’s Mental Health Department has as its vision to be for the community in which it operates an organism that facilitates and promotes mental health and social wellbeing through its services of assistance in emotional rehabilitation as well as to provide strategies of psycho-social support.


  • To liberate our clients, by means of psychotherapy and counselling, from post-traumatic stress; caused by experiences in which they have been the victims of some form of the violation of their rights.
  • Counselling that promotes the recuperation for the victims of their own identity and the construction of a positive vision for their future.
  • To offer emotional support to individuals, couples, and families.
  • To provide to the clients the means and tools of self-sufficiency with which to confront the common preoccupations and problems of life. 
  • To prevent emotional problems in the community by means of mental health educational programs such as:
    • Strengthening My Talents
    • Child Rearing
    • Tools for Life
    • Anger Management


Commitment against oppression

The Department of Mental Health, as with CHRIO in general, is against oppression and discrimination.  Our services are available to whoever requests them, regardless of ethnic origin, race, colour, religion, creed, political opinion, country of origin, citizenship, migratory status, socio-economic class, civil status, or language.


Commitment: Working and acting responsibly to achieve a just society with equity, solidarity and democracy.

Responsibility: Always working for the benefit and wellbeing of our clients by means of an adequate, effective and satisfactory orientation.

Respect: Recognizing our own dignity and that of others.

Tolerance: Accepting the ideas and costumes of people in a manner that is constructive and respectful.

Honesty: Promoting coherence between feeling, thinking, and acting.

Confidence: Helping people to trust in themselves and in others.

Personal Achievement: Contributing to the community the betterment of its abilities as well as working with it to develop new strengths.

Code of Ethics

The Department of Mental Health is regulated by the following code of ethics:

Confidentiality:  This department is regulated by confidentiality, committing itself to safeguard the information given to it by its clients within the limits permitted by law.

Wisdom: The professionals that collaborate with this department will make decisions prudently while always looking to the wellbeing of its clients.

Excellence: All of the actions of the members of this department will be undertaken with superior quality and these actions will be realized clearly, transparently while always striving for improvement. 

Humility:  The work of this department is conditioned by the acknowledgement and acceptance of its own weakness with a commitment to strive to strengthen its areas of opportunity.

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