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For many Canadian residents the burden of having a criminal record can be suffocating. Travel and employment restrictions are only a few of the limitations a criminal record can affect. Nevertheless ,CHRIO can help…At the Canadian Human Rights International Organization, (CHRIO) we offer a number of services that aim to benefit individuals and the community as whole.  Nevertheless, for those who have criminal record, opportunities to advance and move on from your past mistakes can be difficult. The only way to seal your criminal record is to apply for a pardon (now known as a Record Suspension)  


Can I Be Guaranteed A Pardon?

Unfortunately, many of the companies that specialize in preparing pardon applications mislead the public by claiming that they can guarantee that not only will your application be approved, it will be done so in an expedited time frame. The only thing that these companies can really guarantee is that you will pay more money for circumstances that they have no control over. A pardon  can only be granted by the Parole Board of Canada,(PBC) the cost ($631) and the timeframe (average time according to PBC is 6 months for a summary offence and 12 months of an indictable offence) is determined by them and only them. To be eligible for a Pardon you must wait 5 (summary offence) or 10 years (indictable offence) from the time your sentence was completed. If there were any fines or surcharges related to your conviction(s), they must be paid before the waiting period  begin. In the end, no company that you pay to do your application can speed up the process; only the Parole Board of Canada can guarantee if and when you will get a Pardon.


What Does A Pardon Do?

A pardon will seal your criminal record; your record will be kept separate and apart from other criminal records in the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) database.  Once you have been granted a pardon, a criminal record check will reveal no convictions. However, this does not mean your record is erased, if you are convicted of a crime after you received a pardon, all of your past and present convictions can be revealed during a criminal record search.  




Recent Changes.....              

On March13th, 2013 the Federal government passed Bill C-10 ("Safe Streets and Communities Act). As a result, a number of changes were made to the Pardons process.


  Changes under Bill C-10

  • The term “Pardon” is replaced by the term “Record Suspension”
  • Waiting periods for Record Suspension eligibility were increased  to 5 years for a summary conviction ( less serious crime) and 10 years for an indictable offence( more serious crime)
  • Anyone who was convicted of a sexual offence against a minor( with certain exceptions) and those who have been convicted of 3 or more indictable offences, each with a sentence of 2 years or more, are ineligible to receive a Record Suspension.


How Will My File Be Handled?

Your file will be in the hands of an organization that does its work with compassion, honesty, and integrity. Moreover, our staff is experienced in the criminal justice field and have a 100% success rate with pardon applications. To begin the process, we will gather all of the information and documents necessary for your application. This involves contacting the court(s) you were tried in, and the arresting police force. We will then assist you in completing the Measurable Benefit/Sustain Rehabilitation letter (a requirement for a pardon application). When the letter is completed, and all of the documents from the courts and police have been received and certified, your application will be thoroughly reviewed by our staff and then sent to the Parole Board of Canada. 


How Much Is It Going To Cost ? 

The processing fee for preparing a pardon application is determined on a case by case basis. Nevertheless, as a community based charity, the price for your application will always take into account your personal financial situation. Please refer to the chart blow which outlines some of the items that will be covered by Chrio.





disbursement fee

  * Fees are subject to change



Fingerprints                          fingerprint

In order to confrim all criminal convictions, a full set of fingerprints is required for all pardon applications.              

For information on fingerprinting requirements and locations near you click here.



Why CHRIO?                

  • By using CHRIO to prepare your application, you will get the same results (a pardon!) in the same or shorter timeframe than most private companies advertise, and you will pay less money. Our organization does not charge you extra to have your file “expedited” or “prioritized “. At CHRIO, every file is a priority; when your documents arrive your file will be updated without delay and you will be contacted.
  •  We understand that the Canadian criminal justice system can be very intimidating. The terms and procedures used when applying for a pardon can be rather complex. With comprehensive email and phone support, we are there to guide you through the process whenever you may need us. CHRIO is a non-profit charity; our aim is to assist you in making a better life for you and/or your family, not to turn a profit.
  •  Once you receive a pardon, the stigma associated with having a criminal record and the barriers associated with it (employment, travel, immigration, adoption and apartment rentals) will be gone.


 Travel Restrictions and The United States Entry Waiver

If you have a Canadian criminal record, it is illegal for you to enter the United States. You may also be barred from entering the country if you were charged with a crime at the U.S. boarder or remained in the country longer then you were permitted. Because United States Customs and Boarder Officers have access to the information stored in CPIC (Canadian Police Information Centre), it means they can access your criminal record.


What Can I do?

If the above applies to you, you can legally enter the United States by obtaining a United States Entry Waiver prepared by CHRIO. Eligibility for an Entry Waiver depends on the seriousness of your conviction(s) and the amount of time that has passed since you were charged.


What If I have a Pardon?

A Canadian pardon is not recognised by the United States authorities; the only way to guarantee entry into the United States is to obtain an Entry Waiver. Canadians should also know that if you have a criminal record and you are caught trying to enter the United States, you risk being charged, detained and have your property (vehicle) seized.

 A United States Entry Waiver is the only way to guarantee none of the above happens to you.


How Much Does it Cost

A United States Entry Waiver is issued by the United States Department of Homeland Security; their processing fee is $585.00. CHRIO’S fee for preparing a waiver application (like the pardon) is determined on a case by case basis. Nevertheless, as a community based charity, the price for your application will always take into account your personal financial situation. The application process takes approximately 6-10 months from beginning to end. If you are planning to travel to the United States make sure you take the above time considerations into account.



 To find out if you are eligible to remove your criminal record or apply for an entry waiver, please fill-out the form  below and a counsellor will contact you to begin the application process. 



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