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CHRIO Mission Pakistan Calls for the end of Religious Persecution

Friday, October 17, 2014

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...months ago 400 Shiites were murdered and 80 Christians were killed by a bomb planted in a church.Report

The phenomenon of religious persecution has worsened in recent years around the globe. Many nations face this difficult situation experienced by millions of people, many of them killed because of their faith.

Reports from organizations that ensure respect for freedom of religion and conscience are alarming, yet hopeful, as it is presented to political and religious leaders of the nations most affected to put an end to this problem.

According to the 2013 annual report of the evangelical organization Puertas Abiertas (Open Doors), based in Spain, 150 million Christians "are subject to persecution in varying degrees in the world." The report quotes with emphasis on Islamic countries where persecution has reached epidemic levels.

Another report presented last year by International Religious Freedom, based in the United States, deplores that "Christophobia continues to rise, with reports in 139 countries."
The complaint of the organization is also extended to other religions, claiming that "last year the world witnessed the largest displacements of religious refugees in recent memory."
"Anywhere in the world -adds the report, millions of Christians, Muslims, Hindus and followers of other religions and sects have been forced to abandon their homes on the grounds of religious beliefs."

The most deplorable complaint about the persecution of the followers of Christ comes from the United States Center for the Study of Global Christianity, estimating that "each year about 100,000 Christians die because of their beliefs ... about one every five minutes.”
The CSGC report states that in countries like Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Nigeria, Cameroon, Sudan, Somalia and Egypt, "Christian elders, women, men and children are living in complete marginalization. They are driven from their homes, imprisoned for blasphemy and brutally murdered. Sometimes churches are burned during Christian liturgy. Girls are kidnapped and forced to marry. "

Although the Middle East and North Africa have the lowest concentration of Christians in the world (4%), the murder rate is high, while its presence is diminishing because of the exodus and forced migration.

In the case of Pakistan, a predominantly Muslim nation, persecution does not distinguish religious denomination. To cite recent cases and give an idea of the severity of the problem, months ago 400 Shiites were murdered and 80 Christians were killed by a bomb planted in a church.

Various organizations around the world, including the United Nations, have been denouncing this situation and deploring an end to religious persecution in every corner of the earth.

CHRIO-Pakistan mission of The Canadian Human Rights International Organization, headquartered in Canada, joins the complaints and calls for governments of the nations where these atrocities have gone beyond the limits of intolerance to put an end to religious persecutions.

With regard to Pakistan, the Executive Director of the Mission CHRIO-Pakistan calls on political and religious leaders of that nation to cease the persecution and repeal laws against blasphemy, which mostly affect Christians.

The Executive Director also urges them, through dialogue, to reach a consensus to "promote respect in all contexts of human dignity and the rights derived from that dignity" as claimed by the Spanish Foundation CitizenGo and the Novae Terrae International Foundation, in their efforts to promote "a request for the protection of Christians and other minorities in the Middle East and other parts of the world where the phenomenon is constant."

"Respect for the rights of others is peace."

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