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CHRIO & NO One is Illegal Opposes raids on Undocumented Immigrants

Monday, November 17, 2014

...the raids and inspections of vehicles were "based on the color of the skin of the people" under the pretext of "detention of the vehicle for safety reasons"."NO One is Illegal" Organization

Since 2006, when the Conservative Party formed a new federal government, undocumented immigrants have been victims of constant harassment by authorities of Canada Border Services Agency. The CBSA objective has been to deport all undocumented immigrants.

The situation has worsened since the summer of 2014, especially with raids and detentions carried out in Toronto and its neighborhoods by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), CBSA officers and inspectors of the Ministry of Transportation of this province.

One proof of this situation was the arrest of 21 people in the Jane and Finch area, on August 14, 2014, mostly Latin American workers in the construction industry.

According to the allegations made by the non-governmental organization "NO One is Illegal", the raids and inspections of vehicles were "based on the color of the skin of the people" under the pretext of "detention of the vehicle for safety reasons".

However, after thorough investigation, it became clear that some of the detainees were people who were just walking, pedestrians. According to the NGO, these detentions and stops were in clear violation of "the right of all people to walk freely, without being detained or stop because of the color of their skin".

Five of the detainees were eventually deported after signing “papers with dubious translation.”

The next day, on August 15, "No One is Illegal" received complaints of more than 65 people arrested in various locations in Toronto, for the same reasons.

Since these raids were carried out by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario, the pro immigrant rights organization, No One is Illegal, demanded premier Kathleen Wynne to stop inspectors of the department from taking part in these raids and to declare the province "a sanctuary", as it has been declared in other important cities in Canada, in order to stop the police from “asking people for their immigration papers" as well as to guarantee that the provincial government is opposed to this practice.

"No One is Illegal", Justicia for Migrant Workers and Jane-Finch Action Against Poverty condemn the “criminalization of people of color, pushing undocumented workers in the shadows" for fear of deportation.

The Canadian Human Rights International Organization (CHRIO), based in Toronto, Canada, committed to the principles of respect, human dignity and the defense of universal rights corresponding to that dignity, supports the cause of the above organizations and appeals to the federal and provincial governments, to stop the raids and deportations of undocumented immigrants, since in this world we all share as members of the human family no one is illegal.

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