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CHRIO receives Medal

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

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The medal presentation was part of the celebration of the centenary of the Federal Electoral District of York West"

A medal of recognition was given to The Canadian Human Rights International Organization (CHRIO) on December 6, 2014 for its extensive work carried out since its foundation, on December 13, 2003.

During its twelve years of foundation, CHRIO has developed extensive work in defense of human rights which has earned international recognition.

The medal presentation was part of the celebration of the centenary of the Federal Electoral District of York West, "as a tribute to very special business institutions, individuals and groups that work hard to make our neighborhoods strong, diverse and welcoming".

Mario Guilombo, director of international missions and human rights program, as well as Liliana Angarita, director of community center, Lilian Julieth Guilombo, director of human rights program for youth and children, and Jonathan Whiteside, president, and other members of CHRIO, received the medal personally handed out by the Honorable Judy Sgro, Member of Parliament of Canada for the York West district.  

The Honorable Judy Sgro, MP, recognized CHRIO for "its outstanding and sustained contributions to make York West a great place to live, work and play".

In its twelve years of existence, CHRIO has worked to uplift York West district where CHRIO carries out its activities, in the area of Jane and Finch, where it converges with other community service organizations, such as "No One Is Illegal" to find solutions to the problems that affect this community in regards to respect of human rights.

CHRIO develops its mission at the municipal, provincial, federal and international levels.

It also has reached world stage by supporting major campaigns in which defend the rights of all human beings, as it has been the case of documents produced to demand freedom for more one hundred African girls, kidnapped by rebel extremists, who took them out of the boarding school while they slept and then taken to the area of the jungle between Nigeria and Cameroon.

Recently, CHRIO also denounced the religious persecutions in the Middle East, and more specifically in Pakistan, as well as the murder of 43 college students in the State of Guerrero, Mexico.

The Canadian Human Rights International Organization (CHRIO) is a non-profit institution dedicated to education, promotion and defense of human rights.  Its main office is located at 1725 Finch Avenue West. Those interested can read about their programs through  


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