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  All children must be given the elements required for a safe and normal thriving in every aspect of life: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual; their rights guaranteed and enforced; the means to achieve their true potential provided.

  At CHRIO, we work hard to uphold this standards by offering young people viable options and opportunities that will aid in creating healthy individuals with fulfilling lives, absolutely aware of their rights and responsibilities as Canadian citizens and as Human beings.

  We offer youth wellness counseling and hold regular events and activities to stimulate the youth and bring out their talents in various fields of education, sports, arts and crafts.

  The youth program focuses on the common interests and age shared by its participants to build leadership skills and to provide them with role models, thus helping prevent the formation of gangs, drug addiction, prostitution and crime.

  We believe youth inspires youth. We believe in our children. We believe in our future.


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